Case Study

amplifier product design
Retro Sound – Modern Tech. Amplifier Product Design
How we made our client – Valvesound dance around the studio with our retro guitar amplifier product design.


A retro design for a modern valve amp.

An amp that looks as good as it sounds.

Creating a powerful visual presence for a bedroom-based gig.

the brief

With this project the client had a very specific thing in mind – for a very specific audience. The client has created a way to cleverly use electronics and the latest ‘Pro- Audio’ technology with the valve technology of the 1960s that characterised that decade’s special sound. The result is an amp that gives you the feel of yesteryear’s era but with the clarity and adjust-ability of a modern amp. Which means that you no longer have to have your valve amp ringing out at full volume to recreate that special sound – this amp lets you get the sound even when practising in your bedroom. All it needed was a look that said exactly this… which is where we came in.


This was a super-fun one to work on. We created a powerful looking cabinet complete with a retro looking ‘head unit’ that echoed exactly what our research into the client’s target market told us was required. It took quite a few designs until we were confident we had nailed it.

the result

We created a powerful looking cabinet complete with a retro looking ‘head unit’.
We literally danced round the studio when we saw the design!
Neil Kavannagh, MD – Valvesound Audio

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