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15 Years of Sourcing Experience

We can match you with the perfect CNC machining partner.

We have been sourcing CNC parts for our clients for 15 years. We have an extensive contact list and deep engineering experience too. 

Why use us?

Leverage our Experience & Network

As a department within a technical product design company, we have sourced a huge variety of components for high quality companies just like yours that trust us.  

Take Away the Pain & Risk

Trying to find the right CNC supplier from scratch can be hard. The risk of getting a bad supplier is very painful for a business. Don’t risk it! We’ll take your criteria and match you up with a perfect fit.

Need Design ?

We can help there too.

If your parts need adjusting for CNC machining our highly experienced design team are always on hand to get this done quickly. Or if you need advice, just give us a call.

We have sourced CNC machined parts for many companies:

A few examples of CNC parts sourced for our customers

We have years of experience sourcing a wide range of parts in many materials including Aluminium, all steels, even plastic CNC machined parts. All finishes can be catered for too.

See some examples of CNC Parts we sourced

Each of these had a very specific set of criteria. Some had to have short lead times. Some needed ISO credentials.


How we took a very high-precision mechanical design from concept to production


How we integrated electronics with technical mechanical design work to create a tablet storage solution


A highly technical piece of mechanical design that allows pavements to generate electricity

We’ll give you the cream of the CNC crop

Not just a list of suppliers. Google can do that!

We’ll pinpoint the single best CNC supplier tailored to your needs and obtain the quotes for you.
But if you’ve got an extensive list of criteria, we might offer you the best two or three companies to choose from. You can then work direct with this supplier or have us deal with them on your behalf. Your choice.

Start The Ball Rolling

Upload Your CAD Files & Drawings

Include A Message With Your Requirements

Hit Send!

    We get that some designs are top secret, so we’re happy to sign an NDA. Either include your NDA with the files or download our standard NDA here

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    +44 1273 582424

    So lets get you matched up and get your parts into production

    As a technical product design agency with over 15 years of experience, we have an extensive network of suppliers both in the UK and across the globe.

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