why work with us

We solve technical problems that others cannot with concepts grounded in commercial and manufacturing reality.

design and product team

As well as a great design team we also have a strong network of suppliers built up over many years. This means we are there for you to offer supply chain, engineering, manufacturing, patents and marketing support. Our team provides turn-key product design support from first touch of the pencil to your products being shipped.

Innovative. Flexible. Creative. Focused.

how we work with you

We can work alongside your team, work as an outsourced supplementary team or become your team if you need us to.

We have taken our own products to market so we understand all the steps and can help you navigate the pitfalls. We are much more than a design agency – we are your commercial partner.

what we do

Technical Product Design

Companies like Pavegen partner with us for our ability to to overcome the technical challenges of highly complicated mechanical engineering.

D&P were a great help to Pavegen in our early days producing some excellent mechanical designs for us.

pavegen testimonial

our process

Conceptual design

We generate powerful, targeted ideas and create design solutions that meet the commercial needs of your business using our proven 5-step process. We reality-check and test our ideas with engineers to ensure they will work just as elegantly in manufacture as they do on the computer screen.

Step 1. Kickoff

Information gathering and brief creation

This is more than just an initial understanding of the product or idea; this is a meeting to completely absorb any information or background the customer has on the project. We really listen to what the customer is trying to achieve.

A detailed brief is written soon after the kick off meeting and will outline all requirements, initial styling guidelines, and general project goals. Our team writes this so that it clearly reflects to the customer that we have understood the their needs.

This “Version 1”  brief then goes to the customer for approval or comment . Sometimes the brief is amended as the customer has thought of a few extra things or perhaps wants us to express a requirement differently.

Step 2. Immersion

Getting under the skin of the project

In this step we perform any research needed, such as  looking at comparable or competitor products, price ranges or customer reviews looking for insights. If required we produce a ‘mood board’ to visually describe the world of the intended end user and to guide usually aesthetics or sometimes  function.

Step 3. Creation

This is where the real creative magic happens

The designers really get in gear now and fire up the creative juices. Using proven methods of creativity and problem solving and mixing it with years of experience we come up with many ideas for the design/project. We often do this in several ‘design bursts’ spaced out over a few days. We are experts at getting the most out of this step.  We then evaluate and filter through all of the ideas to take only the best ones forward.

Step 4. Development

Expand and evaluate the best ideas + reality checking

Now that we have the best of the ideas, we develop each one further by expanding and developing the possibilities of each. This may require more research to answer questions or explore possibilities. Once this process is over we narrow this further including an engineering reality check to eliminate possible manufacturing problems, something we have a lot of experience with.

Step 5. Delivery

Refine then present the chosen concepts

We now create the final conceptual 3d cad models or 3d visuals to be able to show the chosen concepts in a presentable and understandable form. We also bring together all of the supporting information from previous steps in one place to create the final presentation document.

Design to prototype

Our prototypes are only commissioned when it is absolutely clear to all involved exactly what it is expected to demonstrate and what will be learned from it. We can pretty much handle any prototype – from metal to glass to fabrics – and what we cannot handle our trusted network of suppliers can.

Design for production

Thanks to our focus on manufacturing throughout the final production design is usually straightforward. We produce 3D CAD designs, a full set of engineering drawings and packaging designs if required.

Management & procurement

We can set up and manage a full working relationship with manufacturers for you. Our contact with them first takes place early in the process as we check viability of concepts.

our director

Martyn Beaumont

Martyn is perfectly placed to lead the team, having had many years’ experience in engineering and product design in a range of industries, including with Formula 1 team Williams F1, and even designing MRI scanners. So there is no technical challenge that fazes him. Also, being a business owner and having taken products to market, Martyn also has the strong commercial awareness needed to make designs successful. You will find him friendly, approachable and always willing to be as helpful as possible.

martyn beaumont director