Case Study

electrical product design
Power to the people – Electrical Product Design
How we developed Mainline’s electrical innovation product for the UK market in this exciting electrical product design project


A track that allows you to reposition mains sockets instantly and without calling an electrician!

The housings are designed to meet UK standards and compliance

From concept to finished product: CAD designs, prototyping, testing, engineering and manufacturer liaison.

Highly technical design knowledge required.

the brief

Mainline wanted to expand from the Australian market to the UK. And they had a great product. They had designed a track that allowed you to reposition plugs and data points anywhere in the room, without the need for additional sockets or expensive rewiring. The issue they faced was meeting the UK standards and compliance demands without compromising the product. We had to take the product back to initial concepts to find a solution that met these and then we worked closely with manufacturers, using plastic injection moulded components and plastic and aluminium extrusions, to bring the track to production for this electrical product design.


Mainline chose to work with us because they knew that we can go beyond delivering ideas for solutions to delivering products ready for sale. From concepts and CAD to prototyping and on into production, we worked closely with manufacturers and with UK safety and compliance regulation to deliver a finished product.

the result

We delivered a solution that opened up the UK market for Mainline. It provided a practical and flexible solution to moving power sockets and data supply in the modern house. In recognition of this Mainline has gone on to win numerous awards globally, including the RedDot Design Award and the Australian Design Award.

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