How to choose a Product Design Company

Product Design Company

There are a lot of product design companies out there. Some good. Some bad. So how do you choose the one right for you and your project? Here are a few points to consider: Pedigree Check their portfolio to see that they can show good competency in design. Preferably showing something that is of a […]

The top 10 considerations launching a product

launching a product

Are you thinking about launching a product? Here are a few things to consider from our experience of launching products. Who is going to buy the product? People right? So although we are a product design company we have a lot of experience from idea right through to the finished item on the shelf. We […]

Why design and test the critical parts first

design and test

Always design and test the critical or most difficult parts first. We always design and test the critical parts of a design first. The ones with the most uncertainty in them. Or the ones that contain high “risk” for the design project. Sometimes a part might end so expensive that it would make the product […]

D&P make the top 3 at Business Awards

We made the short list for the Lewes District Business Awards.! in the Creative Industries section. Thanks to our team for all the hard work that has been recognised by the judging panel. Myself and some of the team attended the awards evening on Thursday evening. We didn’t win this year but still a thoroughly […]

Idea or a Concept? Conceptual design

Idea or a concept, in conceptual design. The first stage of a design process is usually ‘Conceptual design’. The output from this stage is what sets up the whole project so it is vitally important to get it right. WHATS THE DIFFERENCE? Concept: A presentation document with enough detail to show that the design has […]

Electric powered bike pedals product design

‘Britt Pedals’ are Electric powered bike pedals. Commuters arrive to work less sweaty! Stephen Britt was on a SKY Pick TV program ‘Make me a Millionaire inventor’ at 7pm on Sunday 20th April 2014 with his ‘Britt pedal’ This was filmed before Design & Product began helping our client Stephen Britt.   The success story […]

Success with D+P after Dragon’s Den

D&P’s Expert Design and project input coupled with Tony’s Success mindset has helped him achieve his initial business goals which were to strike a license deal and for his company to launch its own version of the product. We wish him every success as he continues to move forward strongly with ‘Freefold’.   D&P were […]