Case Study

Pavement power

How we collaborated with Pavegen for 2 years in developing
pavements that can generate power

Generating electricity, involvement and excitement


Pavegen’s vision was to help brands integrate sustainability (and a little theatre) into their connections with stakeholders and customers.

They wanted to develop a pavement that could use the footsteps that pass over it to generate power. Yet the technicalities of the mechanical engineering required to harvest energy in this way was always going to be a challenge.

Which is why they came to us.


Acting as their main design partner for two years we engaged in detailed mechanical design, created 3D models, met compliance requirements and delivered a series of fully working and engineered designs.


Pavegen has made the transition from a vision in a Brixton flat to a respected supplier of innovative alternative
energy solutions to Siemens, IKEA, Adidas and many more.

‘D+P were a great help to Pavegen in our early days producing some excellent mechanical designs for us.’

Laurence Kemball-Cook, CEO,


Why You'll Love Us

We have worked with many great companies over the years and seen some of our designs go on to do great things for our clients. That’s what we’re here for

Adam Stroud CEO, Paxton

It's been a great experience working with the team at Design and Product.

Laurence Kemball-Cook CEO, Pavegen

D&P were a great help to Pavegen in our early days producing some excellent mechanical designs for us.

Mark Exley Head of Design, LapSafe

An excellent design that gives us everything we require and need. Thanks guys!

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