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Smarter access control

How we used smart solutions to this technically
challenging plastics project

The UK’s market leading access control system supplier


Paxton had worked with us on access control solutions in the past and were confident that we could help them meet their objectives. They needed to create a stylish housing for a PCB smart entry system. The user touches their phone on the clear window which can then grant them access to the building.
The following requirements had to be met by the finished product.
It must:


The main challenges here was to develop a sealed unit that could be screwed to the wall and to allow sufficient light in to the PCB.

Using 3D printing and silicone tooling for intricate prototypes we settled on the solution of a co-moulded front housing which is sonic welded to the back housing to create a seal for the PCB.

The co-moulded part allowed us to have a clear window whilst maintaining a sealed unit. We meticulously developed this altering window size, opacity and material mix to ensure that the amount of light reaching the sensor was perfectly balanced.

In order to produce a compact and waterproof unit – that is suited to high volume production we employed a sonic welded joint to ensure the number of components required was kept to a minimum. The slightly thicker wall sections required to accommodate this were more than compensated for by the simplicity of production.


Our design perfectly matched the aesthetics of Paxton’s other products and – thanks to careful prototyping – the design has worked extremely well in production. The client loves it!

‘It has been very beneficial working with design+product. We enjoyed working with Martyn and the team. We can now offer installers a product combining the powerful technology of Net2 with the advantages of a single door handle solution. Would I work with them again? Absolutely.’

Adam Stroud, CEO

- Paxton Group

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We have worked with many great companies over the years and seen some of our designs go on to do great things for our clients. That’s what we’re here for

Adam Stroud CEO, Paxton

It's been a great experience working with the team at Design and Product.

Laurence Kemball-Cook CEO, Pavegen

D&P were a great help to Pavegen in our early days producing some excellent mechanical designs for us.

Mark Exley Head of Design, LapSafe

An excellent design that gives us everything we require and need. Thanks guys!

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